The Queen’s Award for Excellence 2006

Homecall is proud to announce that on June 2nd 2006 we received notification from the Queen’s representative that our charity is worthy of special recognition. We have been given The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, and we are amongst a small number of charities that have been recognised in this way because:
• we meet a particular need
• provide community-focussed activities of a very high quality
• have generated a high level of goodwill and respect amongst those we serve and the community as a whole
• have evolved locally and are locally run
• have a proven track record of active involvement in the community over a period of at least 3 years

This is a very special accolade and it is a marvellous feather in our cap which can support our applications for funding to help us to continue our good work.

Your dedication has contributed to making Homecall what it is today. It is your hard work and generous service that has been recognised by this award. Thank you all for everything you do for your clients and well done on your award . . . you deserve it!